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Council tax exemptions for people with dementia

Attorneys or families looking after people suffering with dementia or other mental illnesses may be unaware that there can be Council Tax exemptions that may apply to help reduce the costs of the person with dementia. 

There are set criteria that have to be met and a formal diagnosis, but this is something to consider if appropriate to try to help reduce living costs. See attached article on the Age UK website about this if of interest. 

Could I be exempt from paying Council Tax? You won't pay Council Tax if: ... your home is wholly occupied by one or more people who have a severe mental impairment (e.g. dementia). If you live with someone who has dementia, then you’ll be treated as a sole occupant as they will be disregarded, but you won’t be exempt. Talk to your local authority about your eligibility and how you can apply for an exemption.


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