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I am sorry for your loss...

Knowing what to say to someone who is grieving is never easy. Equally well, becoming aware that friends are avoiding you when you’re mourning can be particularly hurtful, at a time when emotions are already running high. In the attached article, author and journalist, Lesley Garner, gives practical advice on how best to tackle grief.

We are very proud to have launched our Difficult Conversations campaign this week and hope some of the articles and/or seminars will not only be of interest but also provide assistance in helping you to navigate some of the challenges life can throw at you. 

Take a look at our Difficult Conversations website here


What do you say when someone dies? What do you say when someone you know is going through a situation so difficult that you don’t know how they will cope? What do you say when you fear that whatever you say may be intrusive, insensitive, inadequate, may even make things worse?


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